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Whether it’s a small, one-man media project or an international media concern, we will help drive your editorial growth with a rich variety of multimedia services. With offices in Skopje, our team is at your disposal to help you enhance your news content throughout every stage of production. We can help you empower your stories, so you can impress your audience.



We have qualified multilingual journalists on staff to fill junior and senior roles as required.

Our journalists report in English from all over the world for major news outlets.

If you are looking for someone to put a story together, we can send you resumes and work samples from suitable candidates.


Our experienced subs work to strict style guides with many leading publications.

We produce publication-ready copy with all facts checked and legal obligations reviewed.


Our cuttings and media monitoring service delivers complete reports to ensure you never miss out on payment for your stories.

We can manage bespoke schedules and monitor any amount of online platforms.


We offer research services for newsrooms and individual journalists including:

Story spotting – We monitor local and obscure sources to discover potential stories

Authentication – We can do the research to determine if a potential story is in fact real or fake

Sourcing ­– We track down information and people

Commissioning – We find the people to work on stories in any location


We offer the following services to ensure your hard-earned story is used to its full potential:

Send Desk – Ensuring stories reach all the right desks with confirmations

Webmaster – Publishing with an eye to layout, speed and SEO

Social Webmaster – Social publishing on channels or via services  like Buffer or Hootsuite

Immersive design – ­ Building bespoke pages with a CMS or with Shorthand (we also build WordPress sites)

Bulk email – Building campaigns on any bulk email service with segmentation, A/B testing and analytics.


If you need associated materials for your story our teams can:

  • Track down and source images, videos and graphics
  • Check for copyright on sourced materials and, if required, obtain editorial rights in compliance with copyright laws in the item’s country of origin
  • Find better versions to make poor quality materials publication-ready


Our team has the production and post-production expertise to create and edit:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio productions
  • Infographics


We are experts in the Balkan region and can manage all fixer services for visiting journalists. 

We can arrange transport, accommodation, equipment freight and logistics, location scouting, translations, local research, talent searchers and handle bureaucracy.


We can manage a range of financial services for any media organisation.

We specialise in freelancers and SOHO agencies as well as international press groups and publishers.


Whatever your editorial project, regardless of whether it is big or small, we can manage it to completion and deliver inciteful reports.

We are digital services experts.


Our scraper is the only one on the market that searches videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube from over 15,000 different sources. We acquire these videos just minutes after they are posted on social media thanks to the scraper.

The scraper allows you to search by language, category, time period, verified sources, and time of video publication, as well as rating each video by the commission editor. There is a database with basic data about each of the 15,000 sources, as well as a method to contact them. Additionally, the scraper has the option of automatically sending the videos to various clients as an Excel file. This option also contains a filter for selecting which videos to deliver to which clients and at what time of day or week. The scraper also provides data based on video use for all videos or for videos from each source separately. The scraper may locate additional videos of the customer’s interest by upgrading the scraper’s continually developing social media source base with a database of each customer’s interest. Fast, efficient, thorough, and professional software that may be tailored to your specific requirements.


We dare to boost your volume on social media to be heard better!

MediaTech’s digital marketing team is fully versed in managing multiple social media channels, helping you reach wider audiences and more traffic!

From the get-go, our team can amplify your brand through Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Copywriting and Paid Ads.

Get in touch with us and boost your brand’s digital journey!