About us

MediaTech offers services and support to the news media industry’s freelancers, agencies, publishers and editorial teams.

We work for some of the world’s leading English-language news media organisations.



Work for us

MediaTech is always looking for great talent.

Browse our job listings here or just send us your resume.


We have qualified multilingual journalists on staff to fill junior and senior roles as required.

Our journalists have reported in English from all over the world for major news outlets.

If you are looking for someone to put a story together, we can send you resumes and work samples from suitable candidates.

Sub Editor

Our experienced subs have worked in English to strict style guides for many leading publications.

We produce publication-ready copy with all facts checked and legal obligations reviewed.



Cuttings Manager

Our cuttings and media monitoring service delivers complex reports to ensure you never miss payment for your stories.

We can manage bespoke schedules and monitor any amount of online platforms.



We offer research services for newsrooms and individual journalists including:

Story spotting – We monitor local and obscure sources to discover potential stories

Authentication – We can do the research to determine if a potential story is in fact real or fake

Sourcing ­– We track down information and people

Commissioning – We find the people to work on stories in any location


Publication Editor

We offer the following services to ensure your hard-earned story is used to its full potential:

Send Desk – Ensuring stories reach all the right desks with confirmations

Webmaster – Publishing with an eye to layout, speed and SEO

Social Webmaster – Social publishing on channels or via sevices like Buffer or Hootsuite

Immersive design – ­ Building bespoke pages in the CMS or with Shorthand (we also build WordPress sites)

Bulk email – Building campaigns on any bulk email service with segmentation, A/B testing and analytics

Illustrations Editor

If you need associated materials for your story our teams can:

Track down and source images, videos and graphics

Check for copyright on sourced materials and, if required, obtain editorial rights in compliance with copyright laws in the item’s country of origin

Find better versions to make poor quality materials publication-ready


Multimedia Editor

Our team has the production and post-production expertise to create and edit:



Audio productions



Our accredited journalists cover many languages and are experts in:

Translations – foreign language news stories into perfect English journalistic style

Transcriptions – English on foreign-language news videos


Balkan Fixer

We are experts in the Balkan region and can manage all fixer services for visiting journalists.

We can arrange transport, accommodation, equipment freight and logistics, location scouting, translations, local research, talent searches and handle bureaucracy.


Financial Manager

We manage a range of financial services any media organisations.

We specialise in freelancers and SOHO agencies as well as international press groups and publishers.

Project Manager

Whatever your editorial project, regardless of whether it is big or small, we can manage it to completion and deliver inciteful reports.

We are digital services experts.